Audio Note M5 Preamplifier

Level Three top line pre-amplifier with Audio Note™ tantalum resistors, 5687 line stage with novel power supply design based on the patented M10 power supply design, 6X5, OB2, ECL82, Audio Note™ filter cap and proprietary Audio Note™copper wired IHiB C-core output transformer.Phono version has 6072A phono stage.



Audio Note M6 Preamplifier



Level Four line pre-amplifier,with Audio Note™ 1 watt tantalum resistors, Audio Note™ silver wiring, 5687 line stage with novel power supply design based on the patented M10, 6X5, OB2, ECL82, Black Gate™ WKz filter caps, Audio Note™ in-house designed and wound output transformers with copper primary and an Audio Note™ silver wired secondary on an Audio Note™ UHiB double C-cores.Phono version has MM phono stage with Audio Note copper foil capacitors and 6072A double triodes.



Audio Note M8 Preamplifier


Level Five all Audio Note™ silver wired 6463 line stage pre-amplifier with Audio Note™ 2 watt tantalum film resistors where possible, Black Gate™ caps everywhere, Audio Note silver foil signal caps, novel M10 based power supply as above, Audio Note™ custom made 99.99% pure silver wired output transformer 0.1 mm Audio Note™ 50% nickel double C-cores.
RIAA version has Level 5 MM stand alone MM RIAA/Phono equalising stage with novel power supply.
Phono version is a Level Five all Audio Note™ silver wired MM phono pre-amplifier with 6463 line stage, CV4068 phono stage and standard double choke mono power supply construction, Audio Note™ 2 watt tantalum film resistors, Black Gate™ caps everywhere, Audio Note silver foil signal caps, fully Audio Note™ silver wired output transformer with 0.1mm Audio Note™ AN-Perma 50 nickel double C-cores.




Audio Note M9 Preamplifier




What I found really interesting when playing 1950’s mono records through the M9Phono’s transformer RIAA correction, is the way that records which were obviously cut with the original choke anti-RIAA correction system suddenly stand out in terms of dynamic integrity, medium and timbral vividness, this truly leaves anything digital standing as the medieval medium we all know it was, despite advances in CD transport and DAC technology, but put into stark contrast the way that every other pre-amplifier presents the information embedded in the grooves of our records. 

The M9Phono will reveal greater depths of information of all kinds from your collection of LPs, it will separate the great performances from the merely good in a way that unearths the greatness of many performances that you found less exciting on earlier auditions, I found on pretty much every record I played that the M9Phono opened up not just further insight into the performance, but improved many less than great recordings considerably. 

The M9Phono is only suitable for the very best systems, in my personal system I use it with a TT Three Reference with IoGold cartridge and AN-1s/SOGON50 tone arm, AN-S9L and a pair of KEGON Balanced power amplifiers into the AN-E SOGON, this is the main benefit of making this stuff yourself, you get to live with it at the highest level for free (well almost!).



Audio Note M10 Flagship Preamplifier





M10 Line Signature - AN Flagship Preamp

Audio Note UK launches the flagship preamplifier, the M10 Line Signature, which is based upon the M10 Line with the following refinements:

Larger and “significantly” improved 55% Nickel Double C-Core output transformers and input transformers
Dedicated input transformers for each pair of the two pairs of XLR inputs
“Significantly” improved power supply providing greater stability, clarity and refinement
According to Andy Grove, Designer in Chief at Audio Note UK: “….we know what happened when the M10 was released to market. What was intended to be just a special preamp for a few chosen customers became a phenomena in itself… The concept is essentially the same, but I have further optimised the PSU by changing valves and utilising their characteristics.




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