Audio Note CD3.1x CD Player




Integrated CD player featuring: in-house custom modified Philips front loading CD mechanism, non-oversampling digital filterless DAC, based on the highly regarded Analog Devices AD1865 chip, ECC88 valve output stage with Audio Note copper foil capacitors and tantalum resistors. Available with brushed aluminium or classic black acrylic facia.




Audio Note CD4.1x CD Player



This is a completely new player, taking the one box CD player places it has never gone before. It consists of a CDT Two/II paired with a slightly upgraded DAC2.1x Audo Note tantalum resistors and Cerafine caps on the digital PCB and Audio Note copper foil capacitors on the output, housed in an OTO-sized chassis. Special attention has been placed on the power supplies in this unit - even the display has its own supply to reduce internal noise way beyond what standards call for. Combined with its clock-locked direct coupling between the transport and DAC makes this player a musical feast with a rich and deeply textured programme.
In our demos we have found members of the public not talking but listening and listening for hours - one fellow stayed for two days! The player seems to disarm the audience and delivers finally what CD promised.





Audio Note CDT-Two/II CD Transport



Audio Note Level 2 CD transport: top loading modified Philips CD Pro2LF CD mechanism, power supply with 3 mains transformers, Audio Note AN-V silver cable for internal digital signal transfer, silver wired digital output transformer, Audio Note Tantalum resistors and Cerafine electrolytic capacitors. Available with brushed aluminium or classic black acrylic front panel.


Audio Note CDT-Four CD Transport





Audio Note CDT-Six CD Transport





Audio Note DAC 2.1x Signature


DAC 2.1x Signature: 24Bit/96KHz compatible, AD1865N chip with digital filter free 1xoversampling™ direct from disc™ technology plus patented Audio Note™ I/V transformer interface, digital input transformer, 6DJ8 anode follower no feedback output stage. Black Gate™ capacitors, Audio Note tantalum resistors and Audio Note™ copper foil signal caps & better power supply with separate mains transformer, choke and 6X5 rectifier.



Audio Note DAC 4.1x Balanced


As DAC4.1x Balanced in DAC5 chassis but with better I/V interfaces and Audio Note™ silver wired filters, original NOS Telefunken 6463 output stage with 5:1 step down double C-core copper wired output transformers with balanced XLR input and output and valve stabilised power supply with choke filter and 6X5 HT rectifier.



Audio Note DAC 5 Special



DAC 5 Special super DAC

Level 5 super DAC, new copper wired Audio Note™ “magic” I/V transformer interfaces, 1x oversampling™ direct from disc™ technology based on the AD1865N, dual mono power supplies to powerful analogue output stage with NOS 6463 dual triodes coupled with copper wired output transformer on 0.1mm AN-Perma 50 double C-cores providing 600R balanced outputs with XLR in addition to the two single-ended silver plated RCA outputs.



Audio Note DAC 5 Signature



DAC 5 Signature
The ultimate Level 5 converter, silver wired everywhere including the custom Audio Note™ silver wired output transformer on 0.1 AN-Perma 50 double C-cores, silver wired I/V interface matching transformers, Audio Note™ carbon film resistors, Black Gate™ WKz, N and Nx type capacitors in all critical places




Audio Note DAC 5 Fifth Element



Fifth Element Fifth Force 

An extremely unique feature of the Fifth Element / Fifth Force is its use of an input 
buffer stage for the incoming digital signal, using an EF800 valve. Audio Note (UK) 
was the first company in the world to commercially implement such an arrangement, 
and it is one of the many technical achievements found in the Fifth Element / Fifth 
Force that pushes the performance of this Digital to analogue Converter beyond the 
threshold previously thought possible for such a device or digital audio technology in 

The Fifth Element / Fifth Force features a version of the M9 preamplifier line stage, 
using a 5814a (ECC82 / 12AU7a / 6189) and a Telefunken 6463, both of which are 
dual triodes valves. These are coupled to an output transformer, wound with Audio 
Note (UK) silver wire on a 55% Nickel Audio Note (UK) Supa-Perma C cores. With a 
33:1 step-down ratio, this output transformer not only has exceptionally wide 
frequency response, but also just about the absolutely best dynamic transfer function 
possible. The analogue output has provisions for both usingle ended and balanced 
operation, using the best available quality RCA and XLR connectors. 

To power this spectacularly revealing arrangement, we have incorporated a version 
of the Galahad power supply found in our M9 Phono preamplifier. This supply 
features full valve rectification, regulation and voltage stabilization. This technique not 
only provides excellent isolation between the digital circuitry and power supply, but 
also provides well-isolated short and clean analogue signal paths. The digital power 
supply is an exceptionally low noise, shunt-type. 

Internal component quality of this caliber has never before been seen, in either 
consumer or professional equipment. There is an abundance of Black Gate and 
Cerafine Audio capacitors, and Audio Note (UK) Tantalum film resistors throughout 
the circuit. Analogue stage filter inductors and internal wiring are all produced with 
Audio Note (UK) 99.99% pure silver wire..



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